Utilizing our patented technology, each one of KDC Ag facilities can convert 160 tons of Fresh Food Leftovers into animal feed and organic fertilizer each day


Developed and rigorously tested by leading scientists and engineers, KDC AG and our sister company California Safe Soil (CSS) has developed this new gold standard of commercial food leftover conversion.

Designed and patented to mimic a human's digestive system, our proprietary technology is able to process all types of fresh food leftovers, including meat, fruits and vegetables, in just three hours -- saving countless tons of food from our nation's landfills in the process. Learn more about how this cutting-edge recycling system works here.

It is important to note that we collect all of this food after any donations can occur; as the maximum usage of food will always be towards humans.  

We also call our feedstock Fresh Food Leftovers, as the food we collect is all human quality food, but is no longer available for human consumption.  Yet, the nutrients and value of that food is still readily available and makes for a great animal feed and fertilizer.  Our goal is to capture all of these nutrients at their maximum height and use it to grow more sustainable animals and produce; closing the agriculture cycle!

Howard W. Buffett - Board of Advisor to KDC AG
“Few technologies have the potential to help transform our food, waste and agriculture systems like KDC AG”


Our process collects the remaining Fresh Food Leftovers everyday or other day from supermarkets, obtaining it before it spoils or rots.  Once at our facility we take this balanced diet and put it through a grinder (like your teeth), use food grade digestive enzymes (like your stomach) and within three hours we have broken that food down to its molecular level.  Our product is then pasteurized assuring pathogen safety and blended like a wine for consistency.  

We are environmentally sensitive to all aspects of our business and our process emits no odors, no effluent, no gasses and utilizes 100% of the food that is collected. 

Our goal is to use this process to utilize food leftovers to their maximum benefit; to grow more sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost effective animals and produce the very next day.

Quite literally, the very food that you and I were buying at the supermarket yesterday, is now able to go into an animal or the soil tomorrow.  Completely closing the agriculture cycle!

We are utilizing 21st century technology at an infrastructure level to provide economic benefits to the supermarkets, farmers and consumers; all while returning nature back to the way it intended, creating a healthier, more sustainable animal and closed loop agriculture system.  



KDC Agribusiness ("KDC Ag") Holds the Exclusive, Nationwide License for the California Safe Soil's Technology.


Created as a commercially viable and eco-friendly solution for businesses and farmers across the nation -- KDC Ag has partnered with California Safe Soil to help rapidly scale its commercial offerings and infrastructure. 

As CSS's lead investor and partner, KDC Ag holds the exclusive licensing rights for CSS’s patented conversion technology, helping to further expedite the company's rapid expansion and impact nationwide. Learn more about KDC AG's exclusive partnership with California Safe Soil here.