Kamine Development Corporation's (KDC) mission is to invest in technologies and individuals who focus on enriching and enhancing the world around us.

For over 30 years, KDC has been at the forefront of the renewable energy and telecom sectors. To date we have financed, owned and operated over $3.5 billion in infrastructure across the nation, partnering with numerous Fortune 100 companies along the way. 

KDC Ag was created as a newly formed division of KDC to further our company’s support of sustainable and environmentally progressive technologies.

Over the past five years, our team has specifically sought out new technologies that could help combat the massive food waste, water shortage and toxic fertilizer issues that currently plague our planet. 

With our support, our partners at California Safe Soil (CSS) have now developed a revolutionary new, patented technology to significantly combat all three of these issues in a scalable, and cost effective way. 

We believe KDC's entrepreneurial vision and industry experience in building national infrastructure combined with CSS's technology is the perfect remedy to help mitigate fresh food waste and turn it into a valuable input to create more organic and sustainable produce.   

KDC Ag with the collaboration of CSS has created a team of industry experts poised to deploy this technology nationwide.

6o Million Metric Tons of Food is Wasted a Year in the United States

Parent Company & Partners


Kamine Development Corporation

KDC Ag Parent Company

Kamine Development Company is a family driven entrepreneurial focused development team.  Since 1985 KDC has developed, built, and owned seven unregulated non-utility power generation projects located in New York and New Jersey totaling 600 megawatts and represented a capital investment of more than $800 million.  KDC's partners included GE, Deutsche Bank and Siemens

Since KDC was deeply involved in the deregulation of the electric as well as the natural gas industries, they foresaw the deregulation of the telecommunications industry. With that in mind, KDC formed KMC Telecom in 1995  which eventually deployed over $2 billion in capital, had over 1,500 employees and revenues of approximately $600 million per year. KMC Telecom became one of the country's largest independent CLECs prior to its sale in 2005 and partnered with Lucent, Princeton University and GE.

In 2009, KDC also saw the initiation of the solar market across the U.S. and started KDC Solar which received a $225 million equity commitment to develop large scale net-metered solar projects. To date, KDC Solar has approximately 75 megawatts of solar operational.  Learn More


Alex Urquhart

KDC Ag, Partner

Alex was president and CEO of GE Energy Financial Services for 10 years and retired in 2014.  As CEO, Alex lead GE's energy investing worldwide investing across the capital structure from debt to equity deploying and managing over $22 billion.  Alex has had a close relationship with KDC for over 30 years and is pleased to join KDC Ag to help deploy this fresh food waste technology across the nation.


William Stewart

KDC Ag, Partner

William has over 20 years of investing and operating experience.  Concurrent with his role at KDC Ag, William is a Managing Partner at Navigator Partners, LLC.  William was also the CFO and Director of KMC Telecom, the country's largest privately held integrated communication provider.  Prior to KMC he was Managing Director at NASSAU Capital Responsible for investing $2.5 Billion of Princeton University's $10 billion fund.

Board of Advisors


Howard W. Buffett

KDC AG, Advisor

Howard is a Lecturer in International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. He was previously the Executive Director of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, which strengthens global food security and farm sustainability. Howard held posts in the U.S. Department of Defense and the White House, and coauthored the New York Times bestselling book, 40 Chances. He and his father operate their conservation-based family farm in Nebraska.


Oliver B. Libby

KDC Ag, Advisor

Oliver B. Libby is Managing Director and co-founder of Hatzimemos / Libby, an impact-focused strategy and venture firm based in New York City. Mr. Libby is also Chair & Co-Founder of The Resolution Project, Inc., a non-profit which helps college students around the world launch their own social ventures.  Mr. Libby is a Presidential Leadership Scholar, a Clinton Global Initiative Advisory Council member, and Trustee of the Harvard Club of New York Foundation.


Chris Erickson

KDC Ag, Advisor

Chris Erickson is the founder of Parsonage Lane Advisors, an advisory business focused on global agriculture initiatives.  At Parsonage, Mr. Erickson has consulted for a vertically integrated agribusiness company assisting them in securing growth capital. Mr Erickson continues to work with a small number of clients providing counsel and connectivity to the broader strategic and institutional markets.

Previously, Mr. Erickson was a Managing Director at HighQuest Partners, a specialized agribusiness consulting firm that works across the value chain of agriculture, as well as assists institutional investors understand and assess investment opportunities across the globe. Mr. Erickson began his career as an Armor officer in the U.S. Army. Mr. Erickson holds a B.S. from Boston College

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