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How California Safe Soil's Revolutionary Conversion Technology Transformers Food Waste.


California Safe Soil's patented technology was developed to aggressively combat the massive environmental and economic issues caused by food waste and toxic fertilizers at scale. 

Faster, more efficient and environmentally sound than any other commercial composting technology on the market, we’ve developed a food intake system that's able to closely mimic the digestive process of the human body. 

Product Offerings:  

3-2-1 Liquid Sustainable Organic Fertilizer

 H2H Concentrate,

Compost 2.0 (directly through drip irrigation as a liquid sustainable nutrient dense product)

Pelletized Animal Feed (replacing corn, soy and micro nutrients)

20% Moisture Wet Dog Feed (organically digested, locally sourced fresh food waste)


Composting 2.0

How our process works: 

Our process begins each day with the collection of discarded fresh food waste from major supermarkets and entertainment centers -- waste that would typically end up in landfills.

The collected waste is then dumped into specialized vats to be fully ground and broken down by our patented aerobic digestive enzymatic process. This specialized process is able to completely liquify all food types while still preserving their nutrients. This mixture is then pasteurized and blended as a final step.

Now completely transformed, these vats of food waste have been turned into a powerful, fully organic liquid fertilizer that can be immediately bottled and utilized by farmers as a superior alternative to harmful nitrogen-rich, chemical-based fertilizers and traditional labor-intensive compositing systems.

From start to finish, this odorless, eco-friendly system can recycle over 15 tons of food waste in just three hours. 



using Food Waste to safely fuel crops: 

Created entirely from discarded food waste, this powerful non-chemical, liquid fertilizer is bottled and sold by us under the brand name, Harvest-to-Harvest (H2H). 

Because we’re able to process all food types, these vats include a blended mix of produce, grain, meat and dairy waste -- allowing us to feed our conversion system a balanced diet of nutrients (similar to the dietary demands of our own bodies).

Once processed this creates a liquid fertilizer with a tremendous breakdown of amino acids and other key nutrients that fertile soil relies on. These nutrients feed the millions of tiny organisms that live within healthy soil that farmers depended on to grow their crops.

Once sprayed, this nutrient dense cocktail of biological activity quickly works to increase the microbial activity of the soil it's used on. 

Because H2H is a pasteurized (pathogen free), liquid fertilizer capable of being sent through the drip irrigation lines farmers already utilize it can also be used as a compost replacement to recharge soil nutrients. Compared to the traditional compositing process, H2H eliminates the need for farmers to rip up drip irrigation lines and minimizes the needs to rotate crops as soil nutrients can be immediately replenished after each crop cycle.

Today Farmers across the nation are have already started utilizing H2H increase crop yields, reduce nitrate fertilizer usage and recharge the soil.  

Numerous third-party field trials have already shown farmers benefiting an from an 10% - 40% increase in crop yield per acre and 25% less water -- all while dramatically reducing their need for the harmful nitrogen rich products they previously used. 

California Safe Soil's clients talk about their first hand experiences when using our Harvest-to-Harvest fertilizer and the difference in crop yield and plant vigor before and after using our product. 


California Safe Soil is regulated by the California Food and Drug Administration as well as CalRecycle.  The H2H product is certified organic as we have met USDA Standards for Organic Fertilizers and approved by Washington State Department of Agriculture.  This allows H2H to be sold nationwide as an organic fertilizer.  

For full disclosure on all of the field trials and test results that UC Davis and our existing customers have conducted please feel free to reach out to for a full powerpoint and additional information.