Our Patented Technology Can Convert Over 15 Tons of Fresh Food Waste into Liquid, Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed in Just 3 Hours.


Developed and rigorously tested by leading scientists and engineers, California Safe Soil (CSS) has developed the new gold standard of commercial food waste conversion.

Designed to mimic our own digestive system, CSS’s proprietary technology is able to process all types of fresh food waste, including meat, fruits, vegetables, in just three hours -- saving countless tons of harmful waste from our nation's landfills in the process. Learn more about how this cutting-edge recycling system works here.

The resulting byproduct of this unique system is a powerful liquid fertilizer called Harvest-to-Harvest (H2H). This fully organic, non-chemical fertilizer is already being utilized by farms across the nation to quickly revive ground soil and increases crop yields by up to 33%, with 25% less water.  Learn more about this remarkable product here.  

Our process also creates a nutrient dense, high protein animal feed that is being testing as a replacement of corn and soy or as a dog feed at 20% moisture



KDC Agribusiness (KDC Ag) Holds the Exclusive, Nationwide License for California Safe Soil's Revolutionary Technology.


Created as a commercially viable and eco-friendly solution for businesses and farmers across the nation -- KDC Ag has partnered with California Safe Soil to help rapidly scale its commercial offerings and infrastructure. 

As CSS's lead investor and partner, KDC Ag also holds the exclusive licensing rights for CSS’s patented conversion technology, helping to further expedite the company's rapid expansion and impact nationwide. Learn more about KDC AG's exclusive partnership with California Safe Soil here.  

Howard W. Buffett - Board of Advisor to KDC AG
“Few technologies have the potential to help transform our food, waste and soil systems like KDC AG”